Available to approved companion home, 5 month old, blue merle female. Basic training started.

Upcoming spring litter planned. Inquires welcome.

Please fill out the below questionairre and send to:


Though we like to think our breed is the perfect one, we understand that Australian Shepherds aren’t the perfect breed for everyone. Please take a moment to fill out our puppy questionnaire so that we can have the confidence that you will be right for one of our puppies, and one of our puppies will be right for you.



How Long Have You Been at Address:


Referred By:

Type of dwelling: 

    ( ) House ( ) Own ( ) Rent ( ) Apartment 

    Landlord Name: 

    Landlord Phone Number:


Primary Care Giver: 

Where will the Puppy be Kept at Night:

Where will the Puppy be Kept During the Day:

Hours on Average the Puppy will be Left Alone:

Is Someone Available to Feed & Exercise Puppy During the Day:

Have You Owned a Dog Before:

Any Other Animals: 

Any Children: 

Any Allergies to Animals: 

Male or Female Preference: 

Are You Open to Either Sex:

Have You Considered an Older Dog Instead:

How Did You Hear About the Breed:

Expected Activity Level:

Floor Surfaces in the House:

Hours Puppy Kept Outside a Day:

How will Puppy be Confined When Outside:

Do You Have a Fenced Yard:

Have You Trained a Dog Before:

Will You be Attending Training Classes:

How Long Did Your Last Pet Live:

Circumstances of Death:

Have You Ever Returned a Pet to a Breeder:

Have You Ever Given a Pet Away:

Have You Ever Taken a Pet to the Pound or Shelter:

Are You Interested in Showing in Conformation:

Have You Ever Shown a Dog to It’s Championship: 

Are You Interested in Performance Events (obedience, agility, herding…):

Have You Ever Shown a Dog to a Performance Title: 

Do You Intend to Breed the Puppy:

Do You Understand the Difference Between Limited and Full Registration: 

How did you hear about Timberwood Aussies?

Anything Else We Should Know, & Any Questions You Have:

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